What Should I Go To College For

If you are like the majority of young individuals today you might be questioning your college options. Most colleges and universities offer a huge majority of specializations and degrees. From the outside it might be hard to choose a degree that is in high demand and one you actually like. What is a person supposed to do? Now, the most important thing to consider is what field you want to be in. Narrow it down to such fields as: business, health, technology, ect. When you find a field that fits your interest take a look at some job openings at such sites as www.monster.com and www.careerbuilder.com. Look at jobs that tend to have the most openings. Nursing was a degree in the past that was a sure shot to a career, however today it is very competitive and that’s something to consider. I never encourage people to go to college for the sake of going. It is not the 1990’s anymore and a college degree is something that takes as much consideration as a career itself. To sum it up, don’t get down. If you are a recent high school grad and you feel lost, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of people in this situation. If you need to, take a year to evaluate what will be most beneficial for you. It’s better to get into a good field, than get into a overpopulated one with a ton of debt.



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